Monday, September 9, 2013

Introducing Garret Fisher

As you may or may not know Garret Fisher burst on the scene at this year’s Crossfit Games and not only did he do well as a rookie but he finished in the top 5 with the likes of 3x Champ Rich Froning, Ben Smith, and fellow NorCal member and former Games Champ Jason Khalipa. I got a chance to grab a quick interview with Mr. Fisher and here is what he had to say about Crossfit, his experience at the games, and yes his hair.

ME:        What grabbed your interest in CrossFit?

Garret: CrossFit found me. I was just in a conventional gym and this guy by the name if Vince Carter saw me and told me to come and try this new fitness regime in his personal studio. The next week I did and now its history.
ME:        Do you feel like where you train home gym or box matters when gearing up for competition?

Garret: Yes. The environment you train at means everything. The environment at NorCal is crazy and I think thats one of the biggest things that helped me do so well this year
Me:        How was it being at the games being so new to CrossFit?

Garret:  It was a dream come true. 2 years ago I set a goal to make it to the Games and when I finally succeeded in this goal, it felt great.
Me:       What would you say is the biggest factor that got you to the games?

Garret: Hard Work. There’s no substitute for hard work
Me:       Where does CrossFit go from here?

Garret: I only see it getting bigger and better.
Me:       The question everyone wants to know what product do you use to keep your hair intact through a WOD?

Garret: haha thats a secret!
Big Shout out to Garret Fisher for taking the time and stay tuned for more interviews of your favorite athletes! Give Em Hell and Live Well!


  1. Awesome job on the interview. He's a great role-model for all us rookie crossfitters!
    and..... WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!!!!

  2. Hes very down to earth and just a cool dude. Glad you liked it.